What is Targeted Case Management Assessment

Targeted Case Management (TCM) is a program that helps those struggling with mental health illnesses receive the government and private benefits they are entitled to. Targeted Case Managers work one-on-one with clients to ensure all their needs are met and recorded in the Assessment document.

The Assessment document is critical for helping those in need obtain the necessary benefits they require to improve their quality of life. Without the Assessment, there would be no Service Plan and no way of getting affordable housing, utility discounts, or citizenship, to name a few examples. Targeted Case Managers are vital in helping those with mental health illnesses get the benefits they need and deserve.

A Targeted Case Management assessment is when a case manager meets with an individual (Client) to discuss their needs and what kind of benefits they may be eligible for through government or private entities. This Assessment helps the case manager put together a service plan to help the individual get the benefits they need due to their mental illness. These benefits include affordable housing, utility discounts, citizenship, financial help, and special transportation needs. All of these needs are recorded in the completion process of the TCM assessment so that the case manager can help their Client get access to them. Without the TCM assessment, case managers would have no way to know what kind of services and benefits the Client needs and is entitled to receive.

The assessment document includes the Client’s information, referral information, diagnosis, mental health problem history, psychiatric and medical history, Client’s strengths and barriers, support system, services effectiveness, Client’s summary of needs, and needed services. All this information is essential for the case manager to know to help their Client get the benefits they need.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health illness, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Targeted Case Manager today. They can make all the difference in improving one’s quality of life.

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