CedrusMed is a trusted Electronic Health Record (EHR) system used by thousands of behavioral specialists to help manage mental health services. The system was designed with input from behavioral specialists to help improve client outcomes and increase staff productivity. Request a free demo today to see how CedrusMed can benefit your practice.

Enjoy the benefit of superbills automatically created by a supervisor’s approval of services, securing payment for all services given.

Work with high precision, leaving the concern of overlapping services to CedrusMed. Our across-platform and in-platform overlapping algorithms work to protect your agency from involuntary mistakes.

Full Calendar visibility for easy planning. Our service templates shorten your documentation burden by saving between 41% to 63% of the time used.


Community Mental Health.


Targeted Case Management.

The Community Mental Health and Targeted Case Management communities have struggled for decades with wasted time, inaccuracies, and incompleteness when it comes to documenting their work. Legacy systems simply cannot get it right from the worker’s perspective.

At CedrusMed, our aim is to help Community Mental Health and Targeted Case Management agencies through listening to their needs, reducing wasted time, saving costs, and managing private insurances to comply with AHCA and Medicaid regulations in an easy and effective way.

Need a Mental Health EHR?

Focus on giving the best service reducing the paperwork hassle.

CedrusMed Mental Health EHR is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant software created with Mental Health agencies in mind. It includes all the features you would expect from a Mental Health EHR, such as progress notes, treatment plans, client scheduling, and billing.

Mental Health providers have long struggled with the lack of a comprehensive Electronic Health Record system. CedrusMed is changing that by providing a complete Mental Health EHR that includes all of the necessary components for an EHR. This streamlined solution makes it easier than ever for Mental Health providers to get their practice online and improve patient care.