CedrusMed stands as a revered Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform, embraced by thousands of behavioral health professionals to streamline mental health service management. Developed with direct insights from experts in the field, CedrusMed aims to elevate client outcomes and enhance team efficiency. Discover the CedrusMed advantage with a complimentary demo, and see the difference it can make in your practice.

Experience the convenience of automatically generated superbills upon a supervisor’s approval, ensuring every delivered service is billed accurately.

Rely on CedrusMed for precision in scheduling and service delivery, with sophisticated algorithms designed to prevent any overlap of services, safeguarding your agency from unintentional errors.

Benefit from complete calendar transparency for effortless scheduling. CedrusMed’s intuitive service templates are engineered to significantly reduce your documentation time by 41% to 63%, liberating you to focus more on client care


Community Mental Health.


Targeted Case Management.

For decades, the Community Mental Health and Targeted Case Management sectors have grappled with challenges such as lost time, inaccuracies, and gaps in documentation. Traditional legacy systems have consistently fallen short of meeting the needs of professionals in the field.

CedrusMed is dedicated to transforming this scenario. Our goal is to empower Community Mental Health and Targeted Case Management agencies by attentively listening to their requirements, minimizing unnecessary time expenditure, cutting costs, and simplifying the management of private insurance. All of this is aimed at ensuring compliance with AHCA and Medicaid regulations efficiently and effectively.

Need a Mental Health EHR?

Prioritize top-notch service while minimizing paperwork burdens.

CedrusMed Mental Health EHR offers a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant solution tailored for Mental Health agencies. It encompasses everything a Mental Health EHR should, including progress notes, treatment plans, client scheduling, and billing functionalities.

The absence of a fully-integrated Electronic Health Record system has been a longstanding challenge for Mental Health providers. CedrusMed addresses this gap by delivering a comprehensive Mental Health EHR solution, incorporating all essential EHR features. This streamlined approach simplifies the process for Mental Health professionals to digitize their practice and enhance patient care significantly.