CedrusMed Network

Version 2.85.2 (Sep 07, 2023)

  1. (FIXED) Procedure code missing when downloading new CMH billing report.

Version 2.85.1 (Sep 06, 2023)

  1. Extended Billing Report (Superbill) implemented for CMH. Enables receipt of EOB payments and facilitates reconciliation.

Version 2.84.2 (Sep 01, 2023)

  1. Enabled the capability to download Classic billing reports from the new TCM billing report.

Version 2.84.1 (Jul 27, 2023)

  1. Carelon > Simply Healthy Kids insurance added.

Version 2.84.0 (Jul 11, 2023)

  1. Performance Optimization when loading client’s data.

Version 2.83.0 (Jul 01, 2023)

  1. Smart Repository tool was added to Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Group Therapy and Clubhouse.

Version 2.82.4 (Jun 07, 2023)

  1. Carelon >CarePlus Health Plans insurance added.

Version 2.82.3 (May 23, 2023)

  1. Save & Check Overlapping implemented when saving a progress note for Admins, QAs, and Supervisors.

Version 2.82.2 (May 10, 2023)

  1. TCM algorithm for overlapping check was optimized.

Version 2.82.1 (Apr 26, 2023)

  1. Service time was added to FARS and MTP PDF documents.

Version 2.82.0 (Apr 05, 2023)

  1. KPIs Reports updated. Allow ordering reports within sections.

Version 2.81.1 (Apr 01, 2023)

  1. CedrusMed Payroll Reporting System for TCM was updated. Case Managers, Supervisors, and accounting staff can download payroll reports with details for each billing period.

Version 2.80.1 (Mar 29, 2023)

  1. Allow to manually modify Rather Education/Specialty field in FARS/CFARS (CMH & TCM).

Version 2.79.0 (Mar 26, 2023)

  1. Increase the number of characters for Psychiatric Medical History and Psychiatrist Problems in TCM assessment.

Version 2.78.2 (Mar 24, 2023)

  1. Allow transferring documents between the cases of the same client (CMH & TCM).

Version 2.77.6 (Mar 22, 2023)

  1. Allow uploading attachments (Human Resource Documents) under employees.

Version 2.77.1 (Mar 17, 2023)

  1. Beacon insurance was renamed Carelon. Carelon > HealthSun insurance added.

Version 2.77.0 (Mar 14, 2023)

  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) section was added to reports (CMH & TCM).

Version 2.76.5 (Mar 8, 2023)

  1. ICD-10 diagnostic codes data updated.

Version 2.76.4 (Mar 7, 2023)

  1. CMH Overlapping validation based on agency configuration implemented.

Version 2.75.1 (Feb 16, 2023)

  1. Allow Supervisors to Close cases and Discharge clients based on Agency’s configuration (TCM).

Version 2.74.4 (Feb 04, 2023)

  1. Allow managing client portal access invitations. (Remove, Update, and Resend).

Version 2.73.1 (Feb 02, 2023)

  1. Allow changing Case Number sequence from Maintenance (TCM & CMH).

Version 2.72.7 (Jan 31, 2023)

  1. Allow revealing the full Client’s SSN. Add Medicaid Free (Unit Authorizations) option to allow control units for Free Medicaid clients.

Version 2.72.5 (Jan 27, 2023)

  1. CedrusMed Insurance Providers information updated (BSN > Aetna Better Health MMA added).

Version 2.72.4 (Jan 26, 2023)

  1. CedrusMed Insurance Providers information updated.

Version 2.71.2 (Jan 22, 2023)

  1. (FIXED) Issue when creating PSR, GT, and CH services using Office as a place of service.

Version 2.71.1 (Jan 18, 2023)

  1. (FIXED) Issue when adding attendance to a PSR, GT, or CH therapy.

Version 2.72.0 (Jan 15, 2023)

  1. TCM billing system refactored (loading speed reduced from 95% to 99% to boost the app’s performance).

Version 2.71.2 (Jan 12, 2023)

  1. (FIXED) Datetime validation randomly fails when creating a Progress Note using Spanish as the default browser and OS language.

Version 2.71.0 (Jan 10, 2023)

  1. Additional Page added to Appendix J (Adult Certification). Use the Extended Certification option added to TCM Configuration.

Version 2.70.5 (Jan 5, 2023)

  1. (FIXED) Issue when creating a note from the Calendar after canceling a Copy Note from Case Edit.

Version 2.70.4 (Dec 9, 2022)

  1. New fields added to Assessment Lite (short version).

Version 2.69.1 (Dec 2, 2022)

  1. Assessment Lite (short version) added to CedrusMed (TCM). Through the configuration, the agencies will be able to choose which version of the assessment for TCM they want to use (Full or Lite). The Assessment Lite is a revised, shorter version (Form v3.2.1.0 – Rev. 11/2022) of the original CedrusMed Case Management Assessment.

Version 2.68.2 (Nov 15, 2022)

  1. Allow entering Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) payments from the billing report for TCM.

Version 2.67.4 (Nov 8, 2022)

  1. New billing report added for TCM.

Version 2.66.1 (Oct 27, 2022)

  1. Link to CedrusMed Changelog page added.

Version 2.66.0 (Oct 25, 2022)

  1. CedrusMed Real-time Dynamic Report Engine implemented.

Version 2.65.1 (Oct 20, 2022)

  1. The number of participants for PSR, GT, and CH was added to the progress notes.

Version 2.64.0 (Oct 8, 2022)

  1. Pain Scale added to TCM Assessment.

Version 2.63.0 (Oct 6, 2022)

  1. Allow configuring the number of allowed Progress Notes without a completed service Plan (TCM).

Version 2.62.0 (Oct 1, 2022)

  1. Client Access Portal added to CedrusMed.

Version 2.61.6 (Sep 27, 2022)

  1. CedrusMed Network link added to the login page.

Version 2.61.5 (Sep 25, 2022)

  1. Clubhouse services notes were added to the download case tool.
  2. Intellectual disabilities ICD-10 (F70-F79) codes added.

Version 2.61.4 (Sep 21, 2022)

  1. Implement return to back when using the functionality to view the document log.
  1. (FIXED) The system is incorrectly displaying all groups when editing a specific service.
  2. (FIXED) Undefined issue when creating a services from calendar. 
  3. (FIXED) Issues when saving MTPs as supervisors under specific conditions.

Version 2.61.2 (Sep 10, 2022)

  1. Configuration entry to define the treatment plan’s default duration was added to CMH Configuration.
  2. Improvements to medication management for psychiatrists.

Version 2.60.4 (Sep 4, 2022)

  1. Pre-Admission Medication Form document added to TCM Intake & Legal Forms (allows to Add/Edit/Delete unlimited medications).
  2. Clubhouse Services added to CedrusMed CMH.
  3. Allow Case Managers and Therapists to share their respective programs’ FARS/CFARS clients’ information.
  4. Self-Pay was added as an Insurance option; the system allows you to create any service without needing authorizations to be paid by the client.
  5. Local search by clients added in CMH groups (PSR, GT, CH); the system highlights the found client and expands the corresponding group.
  6. Local filter for billing reports by Supervisors, Case Managers, and Clients implemented for TCM. 
  7. Local filter for billing reports by Clients implemented for CMH. 
  8. CMH pending services report filtered by supervisors implemented.
  9. Active Insurances by insurance report implemented for TCM
  10. The amount column was added to Paid Services report for CMH.
  11. The amount column was added Paid Services report for TCM.
  12. View document activity Log implemented for CMH.
  13. View document activity Log implemented for TCM.
  14. ICD10 code Z71.9 – Counseling, unspecified, added.
  15. Additional reasons added to the discharge summary (CMH)
  1. (FIXED) Follow-up documents are not being sorted correctly (CMH) 
  2. (FIXED) Client search is not working properly when using similar last names (TCM & CMH)
  3. (FIXED) Issue when adding more than 1000 to historical information in Medication Management.
  4. (FIXED) Issue when selecting Group Therapy procedure after choosing a single client procedure when creating a Group Therapy.
  5. (FIXED) When editing a Group Morning and Afternoon are not being selected correctly.

Version 2.59.2 (Aug 10, 2022)

  1. Credential Number & Credential Expiration Date added to employees.
  2. Mark All As Paid implemented for CMH & TCM.

Version 2.58.1 (Jul 20, 2022)

  1. Allow creating PSR (H2017), GT (H2019HQ), and IT (H2019HR) using Office (11) as a place of service.
  2. Allow updating place of service for exiting progress notes when updating the parent service.

Version 2.57.5 (Jun 22, 2022)

  1. Load CMH services on the TCM calendar based on the CMH Overlapping configuration.
  2. ICD-10 F88 was added to CedrusMed.

Version 2.56.2 (Jun 13, 2022)

  1. Face To Face TCM overlapping validation against CMH services implemented.

Version 2.55.3 (May 13, 2022)

  1.  Therapist and supervisor columns added to CMH Excel billing report.
  2. Allow removing supervisors’ signatures from TCM progress notes based on agency configuration.
  1. (FIXED) Issue when navigating from the dashboard to CMH FARS.

Version 2.54.1 (May 5, 2022)

  1. Loading progress notes when editing a case was optimized (TCM).

Version 2.53.1 (May 4, 2022)

  1. Allow restoring a terminated employee.
  2. Allow selecting from multiple places of service when creating a TCM Assessment.

Version 2.52.2 (May 2, 2022)

  1. Allow creating Pre-Authorizations.
  2. Configuration entry allows Case Managers to create pre-authorizations.
  3. Pre-Authorizations added to Active Authorizations report.
  4. Reports entry added to main navigation menu for clerks and staff members.
  5. BehavioralServicesNetworkMMA insurance was added to Medicare.
  6. Terminated employee filters added to supervisors dashboard.

Version 2.51.2 (Apr 27, 2022)

  1. Allow selecting objectives from parent service plan and child addendums when creating a TCM progress note.

Version 2.50.6 (Apr 20, 2022)

  1. CedrusMed University was added to CMH.
  2. Clients by referrals report implemented (TCM & CMH).
  3. Behavioral Services Network MMA insurance was added to Medicare.

Version 2.49.2 (Mar 28, 2022)

  1. Download CMH cases to Excel implemented.
  2. Paid progress notes reports added to TCM. Paid services report added to CMH.
  3. Allow selecting objectives from parent service plan and child addendums when creating a TCM progress note.
  4. Filter by therapists in CMH case list implemented.CMH case list paging mechanism refactored.
  5. Allow adding Other Diagnosis (DxCode 1, DxCode 2) for clients when adding diagnosis.

Version 2.48.6 (Mar 14, 2022)

  1. Telehealth POS 10 (Telehealth Provided in Patient’s Home) was added to CedrusMed in compliance with CMS modifications to the Place of Service (POS) Codes for Telehealth.

Version 2.41.0 (Mar 3, 2022)

  1. CFARS documents added to Download Case service.

Version 2.39.1 (Feb 17, 2022)

  1. Authorization number added to Excel billing report TCM & CMH.

Version 2.38.2 (Feb 10, 2022)

  1. Authorization number added to Excel billing report TCM & CMH.

Version 2.37.5 (Jan 17, 2022)

  1. Allow therapists to complete the Intake and Legal Forms package for CMH.

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