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CedrusMed offers a comprehensive EHR solution tailored for Behavioral Health organizations, encompassing all essential aspects of an Electronic Health Record system. This integrated approach simplifies operations for Mental Health practitioners, providing a seamless management experience.

Addressing the industry’s reliance on spreadsheets and manual, custom PDF forms, CedrusMed introduces innovative, standardized documentation practices. This advancement significantly lowers the barriers to adopting EHR systems by reducing costs and simplifying processes.

Designed specifically for the Mental Health sector, CedrusMed combines affordability with ease of use, facilitating the transition to automated documentation for the Mental Health community. Created by experts in Mental Health, CedrusMed is built to be intuitive, adaptable, and in strict compliance with both the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and Medicaid Mental Health standards, ensuring a solution that is both efficient and regulatory-compliant.

Intake Forms

Create intake documents easily.

Intake & Legal Forms

Designed to meet with Medicaid And Medicare requirements by any state Mental Health agency.

Progress Notes

Prevent overlapping across-platform.

Progress Notes

Prevent overlapping across-platform and in-platform using our advanced algorithm solution.


Automatic Superbill creation.


Automatic Superbill creation after Notes approval by Supervisor.

What our customers are saying.

Thousands of mental health professionals rely on CedrusMed EHR, contributing their insights for potential new features and enhancements.

THANK YOU to our customers for their continued trust, support, and loyalty.

Yanet Avila

“above and beyond”

CedrusMed goes above and beyond for their clients.

I have been blessed to be part of this amazing organization since the opening of my company. This company strives to excel in everything they do and they are the most innovative company I have worked with. It has been an amazing partnership from day one, and their future looks very bright. Thank you from Avila Health Group for always listening to our feedback and for always finding ways to improve.”

Yanet Avila
Owners – Avila Health Group

“extremely professional”

“In accordance with my experience with CedrusMed, it is a fantastic work tool that allows you to keep control of medical records with minimal error.

The system allows the entire team to work together and deliver personalized treatment for each client easily and effectively. It minimizes important errors like those having to do with billing. CedrusMed’s staff is extremely professional and dedicated; they will work unconditionally to solve any problems at our agency.”

Erasmo Guerrero & Greisi Riumbao
Owners – Katharsis Mental Health

Erasmo Guerrero (CedrusMed)
Noel Fiallo (CedrusMed)

“peace of mind”

“Improve productivity, keep the work up to date, great customer service, easy and reliable…

If you want to get peace of mind and your work well done, you need this. No more overlapping or spending money printing…just focus on the services we provide to persons in need.”

Noel Fiallo
CEO – Targeted Case Management of Florida, Inc

“very friendly”

“The management at CedrusMed is excellent.

The staff is always open to any questions and concerns that you may have.
The system is very friendly for users, organized, and highly efficient. I recommend this system to all companies that carry out this business it makes the work easier.”

Lisandra Socarras
CEO – L & L Social Services

Lisandra Socarras (CedrusMed)

Need a Mental Health EHR?

Prioritize top-notch service while minimizing paperwork burdens.

CedrusMed Advantages: Elevate Your Mental Health Care with Cutting-Edge Solutions.

CedrusMed revolutionizes mental health care management with its advanced electronic documentation and e-signature standardization, ensuring your agency is always audit-ready while significantly cutting down on paper-related expenses. Our innovative user interface is set to transform mental health specialists’ work experience, streamlining documentation processes and overcoming the challenges posed by outdated systems.

Designed specifically for Community Mental Health and Targeted Case Management, CedrusMed EHR features:

  • CedrusMed EHR was designed for Community Mental Health and Targeted Case Management.

  • A modern user-friendly interface that enables access from anywhere at any time.

  • Designed to meet with Medicaid And Medicare requirements by any state Mental Health agency.

  • Follow Medicaid compliance and handbooks framework rules.

  • PHI data will comply with HIPAA regulations and is securely stored.

  • CedrusMed offers a Business Associate Agreement for PHI protection.

  • Private insurance units automatic management.

  • Request Authorization Center to generate information needed to request authorizations.

  • Full electronic record-keeping for business compliance. Reduce printing and paper costs as well as the hassle of printer maintenance due to a 100% paperless system.

  • Full HIPAA compliance Electronic Signature.

  • Automatic Superbill creation after Notes approval by Supervisor.

  • Prevent overlapping across-platform and in-platform using our advanced algorithm solution.

  • Calendar schedule planning for better Case Manager, Therapist, and Psychiatrist experience.

  • Dashboard instant access flow to facilitate repetitive work for Supervisors, Case Managers, Therapists, etc.

  • 837p EDI billing file creation for submission to clearing houses as well as 835p reconciliation.

  • 270/271 client eligibility request.

  • Full visibility for Administrators of the business to define accountability at all levels and better management decision making.

Tailored Solutions for Your Mental Health Business Needs.

Aligned with AHCA & Medicaid Standards: Our platform is engineered to comply with Medicaid requirements across all states for Mental Health agencies. It adheres strictly to Medicaid’s compliance mandates and handbook framework rules, ensuring seamless integration and operation within regulatory guidelines.

Ensuring the Security and Compliance of PHI Data: CedrusMed rigorously upholds HIPAA regulations, guaranteeing that all Protected Health Information (PHI) is securely managed and stored. Furthermore, CedrusMed provides a Business Associate Agreement to safeguard PHI, reinforcing our commitment to the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

Streamlined Electronic Record-Keeping for Optimal Compliance: Embrace a 100% paperless system with CedrusMed, designed to enhance business compliance through full electronic record management. This approach not only significantly reduces printing and paper expenses but also eliminates the inconvenience of printer maintenance, simplifying your operations and contributing to environmental sustainability.


If you’re looking for a Mental Health EHR that is easy to use and backed by great customer service, look no further than CedrusMed. Contact us today to learn more about our Mental Health EHR or schedule a free demo.

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