1. System Suggestions

At CedrusMed, we make innovation a priority; therefore, we make sure our customers know that any system suggestions they believe will better the system is welcome. We get suggestions for the system weekly and some weeks daily. Suggestions for the system can be made by any agency specialist or employee who uses CedrusMed. These suggestions include reports, features for oversight, add-on features for service execution, etc.

No matter how big or small the request, if a solution is not available in the system for what the client is asking, the request is collected, examined, and sent to the engineering department. If the request is urgent, an update with the new feature is likely to be found by the next day. If the request is not urgent, it may not be developed immediately, but it will be with time. We place the utmost importance on communicating this to our clients so they feel comfortable enough to ask for anything they may need.

2. Authorization/Insurance Management

A client’s insurance authorization is linked to all of the billable Progress Notes related to the client’s services, as well as documentation in some cases. Because of this, the CedrusMed software was created to ensure that all insurance-related mistakes are avoided. This way, agencies are not at risk of losing their business due to a simple human error. It’s important that all insurance and authorization information is input correctly, following the required process.

There are usually problems with agencies remembering a specific step in the process of adding insurance or authorization information. Therefore when specialists need to create services, they will get an error stating that no insurance or authorization was found in the system. When this happens, specialists will contact technical support. Technical support will connect with the client to view the problem, find the root cause, and explain it to the customer. In most cases, after showing the clients the root of the problem and how to fix it, the client will be comfortable enough to solve the problem individually if it ever occurs again.

Clients also usually have questions about keeping track of the units in a client’s authorization. Technical support will walk them through when they call regarding how to keep track of units, see remaining units, or fix any unit-related issues manually without committing any inaccuracies to the unit count. Usually, the client will be shown how to complete all of those tasks, and it will be explained to them how everything unit-related in the system works in a way they can understand.

3. Collecting A Client’s Signature

Most documents in Targeted Case Management and Community Mental Health agencies require client signature approval. In CedrusMed, we have curated a system that follows HIPAA Compliance and signature collecting regulations. Therefore, a precise process takes place when collecting a client’s signature. All signatures are collected through our secure mobile phone application for the selected documentation.

CedrusMed users will usually call when they have any issue obtaining a signature for a document. Technical support will walk the client through the process from the start until the client successfully signs the documents.

4. Reporting Service Bugs/Fixing Human Error

Although the system has been created with efficiency and ease at the forefront, some small bugs slip through the cracks. Clients will often report if the technical support or engineering team doesn’t find this bug during quality assurance checks. When a bug is reported, technical support will connect with the client, view the error, and identify whether the error is in the database or if it is a human error.

Often, clients will commit an error and confuse it for an error with the system. When this happens, we will help them fix the mistake and explain the root of the problem so that the same mistake isn’t committed again. These calls occur daily.

When the error is not a human error but an actual bug in the system, we will collect all of the information and send the information to engineering. Bugs are taken very seriously, so once one is reported to engineering, it becomes a priority to fix it. Fixes for disruptive bugs in the system can be expected to occur in a day’s time.

5. Document Creation

CedrusMed’s document creation is extensive. When specialists start with the system, they might get overwhelmed and forget some of the steps to take to make documentation. Often, clients also like to explore the system before receiving their training.

When clients call with questions on how and where to create documentation, technical support will connect to view and control their computers. This way, the client can have all of their questions answered while watching the step-by-step process on their computer.

About the Author: Aitana Martinez

Customer Success and Marketing Specialist at CedrusMed | Behavioral And Mental Health EHR. CedrusMed was born with the logical thinking of software engineers to fill a technological gap in the Mental Health industry; we bring 21st-century technology to Mental Health agencies. At CedrusMed, we love automation and cutting-edge technologies. We deliver technical expertise you can trust.


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